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Anglesey Sea and Surf Centre

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Barrier Island Kayaks is pleased to be recognized as a
Nigel Dennis Kayaks Expedition Center.

We specialize in providing sea kayaking opportunities in unique locations with spectacular scenery and wildlife. Join us on one of the expeditions below and experience world class sea kayaking for yourself in amazing locations with qualified guides.

join us on these upcoming expeditions:

Time: April/May --final trip planning dates available as developed,
call for information
Where: Ocracoke Island, NC to Beaufort, NC
Cost: to be announced
Duration: Approximately 50 coastal miles in a combination of open and somewhat sheltered waters, 3-4 paddling days, 2-3 camping nights. The warm ocean currents of the Atlantic Ocean will be the venue for this 50 mile open sea expedition. We will depart from historic Ocracoke's Silver Lake and travel over the sea to Beaufort, NC.

Trip Description: Journeying offshore along the unspoiled coastline of Cape Lookout National Seashore, you will discover for yourself why the Outer Banks of North Carolina is a world class sea kayaking destination. The Outer Banks have captured the imagination of seafarers for hundreds of years. Daily encounters with bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles, marine life and migratory seabirds are almost certain. Nights will be spent camping among the sand dunes which line the seashore under the warm glow of a full moon. Adventure, history, good food and tall tales of Blackbeard await you. Plan today to join us!

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Paddlers must have some experience launching and landing in moderate surf and paddling in a beam sea. Rolling skills are not required but paddlers should be competent in self and assisted rescues.

Equipment: Participants are encouraged to use their own equipment as much as possible for familiarity. Quality boats from our touring fleet are also available along with paddles and essential safety equipment. No one will leave on the trip unprepared in terms of equipment. If you have questions about the suitablility of your own gear, please call to discuss.

Time: TBA-call for info
Where: Anglesey Wales, UK
Cost: Call
Includes: Lodging, Meals, Kayak Rental
*Airfare into Dublin Ireland not included. Contact us for more details on international travel, airfare, weather and what to bring.
Duration: TBA

Trip Description: Anglesey Wales is considered to be one of the best sea kayaking areas in the world. No one paddles in Wales without taking away a few good stories. Days will be spent paddling under towering 500 foot sea cliffs encountering a variety of tidal races and ocean currents. You will have the opportunity to paddle with people from around the world. Our journey will take us to Bardsey and the Skerries, both remote islands you won't soon forget. You'll get your chance to paddle the most famous tidal race in Wales—Penryn Mawr. Nights will be spent at the local pub, Paddlers Return, telling tall tales and downing a pint or two of Guinness and playing crazy Welsh drinking games.

It's not all about paddling challenging conditions. There is plenty of time to explore sea caves and remote islands, and photograph grey seals lounging on the rocky shoreline. We'll visit ancient castles and hike in Snowdonia, a land of heather moors and peaceful valleys. Grab your camera and paddling gear and join us on this incredible adventure to the land of the Celts.

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Time: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
Where: Emerald Isle, NC
Cost: $80
Includes: Lunch
Duration: 8am–3pm

Trip Description: Ever wondered what it's like to paddle the open sea—to look in every direction and see nothing but blue water?

Our Sea Buoy "A" Expedition will journey five miles offshore. You will be paddling with highly skilled experienced expedition guides equipped with the latest safety equipment to make this a safe and memorable passage. With our uniquely designed hydrophone system, you will experience the mysterious underwater clicks and whistles of Bottlenose dolphins. You'll have lunch on the water and your photo taken at the Sea Bouy "A"—above all you will discover for yourself the true meaning of sea kayaking.

Our Guide to Guest ratio is 2 to 6.

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

* The Sea Buoy "A" Expedition is subject to cancellation due to extreme weather and or sea state conditions.

Call us at 252.393.6457 to discuss putting together a memorable trip!

We have experience and knowledge with local and distant areas. Barrier Island Kayaks is your outfitter, and we're ready to work with you or your group to make your adventure holiday spectacular from ground up planning to specialized training. We can make the trip happen for you, whether in our "backyard" long the Outer Banks, or to far off venues. Do you fancy a tropical tour, or paddling among icebergs in Greenland? Maybe gliding through the Everglades looking for 'gators, camping along the way on platforms over the water? We'll have a great time in any case! Call today and let's get wet!