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 by Impex Kayaks

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Impex Mystic Sea Kayak

Length Overall: 14'
Beam: 21.5"
Depth Amidships: 11"
Dry Weight: 43 lbs (composite layup)
Cockpit: 16" x 30"
Suggested Paddler Weight Range: 90-180 lbs

The Mystic is designed for smaller paddlers who still want big sea kayak performance. At 14' long and 21.5" wide, it is a perfectly downsized sea kayak. It is outfitted with a round rubber hatch in the front, and an oval rubber hatch in the rear, giving this boat great overnight appeal. Two concave fiberglass bulkheads create dry storage and flotation space in the bow and stern. A retractable skeg is standard for the days when the weather won't cooperated. Built with the Impex philosophy of higher initial stability, this boat gives a very comfortable ride without sacrificing performance. Match this perfectly sized boat to your body and ability and watch as you lead the pack of oversized kayaks and over worked paddlers.

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 by Impex Kayaks

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Impex Montauk Mystic Sea Kayak

Length Overall: 16'
Beam: 22"
Depth Amidships: 12.5"
Dry Weight: 49 lbs (composite layup)
Cockpit: 16" x 30"
Suggested Paddler Weight Range: 120-190 lbs

The Montauk has taken it's place among notable sea kayaks with confidence affording a boat to small and medium size paddlers what is considered the fastest and most stable of Impex performance touring kayaks. This boat has ample storage inside watertight bulkhead spaces for extended camping trips. Paddlers now have the option of a great tracking and fast 16-foot boat that maintains the maneuverability of a smaller boat. At only 49 pounds, this boat makes long trips and cartopping easy.

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 by Impex Kayaks

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Impex Currituck Sea Kayak

Length Overall: 17'
Beam: 21.5"
Depth Amidships: 13"
Dry Weight: 55 lbs (composite layup)
Cockpit: 16" x 30"
Suggested Paddler Weight Range: 150-220 lbs

In the Currituck, you'll discover a real performance oriented Greenland style kayak that is easy to paddle. The Currituck combines Impex's greater initial stability with an easy to turn 21.5" width to give you a stable boat that virtually oozes performance. At 17 feet long, you reserve great hull speed for long crossings and have the option of maneuverability to handle big water challenges. No detail is overlooked in the Currituck's outfitting from the recessed compass mount to the backband to the bulkheaded dry space and hatches. Whether you're touring the long way home on mountain lakes or dashing into wave washed sea caves on rebounding swell, the Currituck has the performance to take you to the edge and the comfort to keep you there.

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 by Impex Kayaks

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Impex Assateague Sea Kayak

Length Overall: 17' 10"
Beam: 22.5"
Depth Amidships: 13.75"
Dry Weight: 57 lbs (composite layup)
Cockpit: 17" x 32"
Suggested Paddler Weight Range: 175-275 lbs

The Assateague extends a warm welcome to even the largest paddlers and affords them the comfort to spend hours in the kayak. Since it's debut it has become the favorite of larger paddlers across the country. The key is a keyhole cockpit friendly to long legs and simple outfitting. But this boat is certainly no barge, at 17'10" and 22.5" wide Impex has increased the size of the cockpit, not the mid ship, maintaining a tight fit for control and allowing for cleaner, gentler lines for more speed, so covering the longest distance will be a snap in this well outfitted, easy to paddle Greenland style kayak. Sure-sealing rubber hatches along with bulkheads provide copious dry storage and flotation. With a capable and confident paddler, the Assateague is ready and willing to tackle anything from morning glassy water to 10-foot seas.

Impex Hull Design Features

Shallow V Hull— This hull profile is standard in all Impex Kayaks and it is this design that allows for the greater primary stability in our kayaks. We have found an excellent compromise between stability and performance that allows our kayaks to appeal to all ends of the ability spectrum.

Increased Rocker— All Impex performance touring boats will have increased rocker, this what gives these boats the versatility that makes them special. The rocker is enough to turn with a paddle stroke on a lazy paddle, but get this boat on edge and it has the maneuverability to explore the tightest spots in the local creek or race confidently down the biggest wave face.

Medium Chine—A Medium Chine allows the kayak to have excellent secondary stability while edging the kayak, maintaining the comfort and stability that we all demand. This feature allows the paddler to edge the boat confidently to obtain a fast turn, without the potential of tripping over hard chines. Paddlers of all ability levels and explorers of all water conditions covet this design.

Impex Standard Features

  • "Four Points of Contact" Outfitting:
    On Demand Immersion Research back band
    Non Skid Immersion Research seat pad
    Werner Footrests
    Padded molded in thigh hooks
  • Bow and Stern Hatches: Large oval
  • Day Hatch: 8 inch Round
  • Bulkheads and Seams: Fiberglass construction
  • Skeg
  • Molded compass recess
  • The "Clutch" rescue handles and Comfort Grip carry handles
  • Expedition deck rigging including reflective deck lines

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