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June 2013 Update
The Well-packed Kayak photo by Grant Cornett

Learn to pack your kayak properly.

Popular Mechanics interviewed Lamar Hudgens of Barrier Island Kayaks and gained insight into packing a kayak for camping or long day trips. Grant Cornett shot excellent photos, styled by Janine Iversen to illustrate the concepts.

Read the Popular Mechanics article The Well-Packed Kayak.
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Photo ©Popular Mechanics/Grant Cornett.

June 2010 Update

Watch a video that will have you feeling the glide of the sea kayak as you explore quiet marsh environments.

Lamar does a great job of narrating this video by Watch as he leads a group of paddlers on some of the local paddle trails. Kayaking provides an appropriate and accessible way to enter this ecosystem and discover the wonders that await.

Watch the video at
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April 2010 Update

Coastal Living recommends Barrier Island Kayaks for eco-sensitive exploration of NC's Outer Banks.

Room, with a view — wise paddlers reserve campsites on Bear Island well in advance...

Pristine beaches, maritime forests, the Cape Lookout national seashore, wild ponies, famous lighthouses, fantastic surf fishing, and maybe even the ghosts of pirates long past all characterize the shifting sands of our Outer Banks. But what do our own Outer Banks have in common with such far-flung exotic destinations as the Inside Passage, Oahu, the Everglades, Galpagos and more? They are all part of 9 Coastal Wonders To See Now, sites that are as endangered as they are stunning. Barrier Island Kayaks offers the right kayaks, instruction in their use, and guide services to allow you to explore our Outer Banks intimately, responsibly and safely. Let us help you discover the natural world! 252.393.6457.

Read the Coastal Living article 9 Coastal Wonders To See Now.
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April 2010 Update

2010 Southern Outer Banks
Sea Kayak Symposium June 2–6

Guest instructor Steve Maynard teaches the anatomy of a wave during a past Symposium at Barrier Island Kayaks.

Our June symposium is shaping up to be another must-do event for paddlers of all skill levels. It's always a fantastic time meeting great folks from hither and yon, getting world-class instruction from the best coaches, and enjoying great food. This year we look forward to a live performance with Jeanne Jolly on Saturday night. Come hang out with us, relax and learn this year. More information and sign up forms are here.

New for 2010 ~
Try a YOLO Stand Up Paddle Board!


Stand Up Paddling is kind of a cross between surfing and kayaking. It is a great way to exercise your core muscles, and a good platform for enjoying moving through the environment in a unique way. The height of standing allows for phenomenal views across Barrier Island's backyard playground, and it allows anglers to sight cast for, oh say, tailing redfish... Check out the SUP boards on your next visit to BIK.

February 2008 Update

2008 Southern Outer Banks
Sea Kayak Symposium June 4-9

Sign up for 2008 symposium here

Barrier Island Kayaks is a new NDK Distributor for the Mid Atlantic–South East region.

Nigel has 2 new plastic boats ready for shipment. Romany and the Romany RM. Going to be killer boats. The Romany is pretty standard. The Romany Excel is set up to take care of a larger paddler who wants a great play boat. — Lamar
NDK Romany

New For 2008 – NDK  Romany RM


NDK Romany RM The ever popular Romany is now available in plastic. The Romany is a day/weekend boat designed for rough water and ease of handling in the surf. Considered to be one of the easiest boats to roll, the Romany is well suited for the small to medium sized paddler. The new Romany RM is equipped with Fiberglass or foam seat.  

NDK Romany Excel The new Romany Excel is designed for the paddlers in the 230–270lb range. The Excel is very maneuverable and behaves exceptionally well in wind and advanced conditions.  

March 2006 Update

New for 2006!
Barrier Island Kayaks Retail Location
Opens on Emerald Isle

Barrier Island Kayaks has opened a retail store on Emerald Isle specializing in Life is Good ® brand and other life is good ®beach life paraphernalia such as Crocs™ brand beach clogs, as well as renting Ocean Kayaks™ sit-on-top kayaks. Our long-standing shop in Swansboro will remain the same great instruction and rental center it has been for many years. Crocs

Ocean Kayak sit-on-tops are perfect for relaxed family-n-friends get-a-ways, adventures and fishing in the sound and marshes. Stable and easy to paddle, these kayaks make the perfect introduction to the sport. Rent them for multi-day vacations with free delivery to your beach residence, or rent by the day or half day for shorter excursions. Kayaks are available in single and tandem sizes. Ocean KayaksWe provide clean foam blocks and straps for car-topping with your rental if your car is not equipped with racks. A perfect way to make the most of your beach vacation—avoid the noise, pollution and cost of fueling power boats, and get a little closer to nature.

Stay tuned for more information about the new retail location, specials, and sales!

Barrier Island Kayaks | Emerald Isle
8802 Reed Drive - Unit 3
Emerald Isle, NC  28594
(252) 354-4504
Locate on Google Maps

February 2006 Update

Greenland Rolling Clinic Tuesday April 18, 2006

Signup closed.

Greenland Paddle

We have confirmed Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson for an intensive day of Greenland skills on Tuesday, April 18.

Cheri & Turner are both multiple gold-medal winners in the Greenland National Kayaking Championships in events ranging from rolling to racing, and have 9 collective years of mentoring others in the ancient skills of Greenlandic kayaking.

This is a unique opportunity to learn from two of the top mentors in the country—if you are interested in traditional kayaking that will take you back to the roots of the hunter's techniques, we encourage you to sign up for a day off and join us on the water. Turner and Cheri will have traditional skin-on-frame qajaqs, various paddles, and tuiliqs, the traditional qajaq-man's cag to loan to students.

Complete details on times and costs will be posted. Lamar, Cheri and Turner will be finalizing these plans "around the campfire" as they all instruct at Sweetwater's symposium this week. Please check back soon!

September 2005

End of Season Sale on Pre-Owned
Kayaks Sept. 10-11, 2005

Browse kayaks for sale.

Barrier Island Kayaks will hold a sale on pre-owned kayaks Saturday and Sunday September 10-11, 2005. Many kayaks spanning the entire range from recreational sit-on-tops to performance touring and expedition boats will be available on a first-come-first-served basis. Enjoy savings of hundreds of dollars on these boats we've aquired through trade-ins and selected from our rental fleet. All boats will be sold in good repair and fully functional. All boats are available at our shop for demo paddles, and you may place a deposit on a boat for later purchase if necessary.

Boats are available from Necky, Impex, P&H, Nigel Dennis, Ocean Kayaks, Perception Kayaks, and Emotion Kayaks.

If you're in the market to save on a kayak of your own, don't wait, come demo today! Call 252.393.6457 for details and pricing.

2005 Safety and Skills Symposium Write-up posted

Read it here.

Read the write-up by Jane Hoppin on the skills symposium we enjoyed last May. My apologies for taking this long to post it. We had a great time, and encourage YOU to join us next year for the third annual symposium. It'll surely be even better!

Perception Kayak
Summer 2005

Barrier Island Kayaks adds Perception Kayaks
to it’s lineup.

The venerable line of Perception kayaks is now available in Swansboro, NC. Click the related link in the left hand column to browse Perception's website and become familiar with these popular boats. Call for details.

Lamar Hudgens achieves BCU 5-Star Sea Kayak
and 4-Star Coaches awards.

Lamar Hudgens
The Anglesey Sea and Surf Centre (A.S.S.C.) in Wales, UK, Lamar Hudgens passed the stringent British Canoe Union (BCU) assessments for the 5-Star Sea Kayak Test.

The purpose of the BCU star ratings is to ensure that the successful candidate has sufficient knowledge and skill to lead others of adequate ability on sea journeys, up to and including advanced level, with safety, in British conditions. When used with the relevant coaching award it shows that the candidate has sufficient expertise to coach and lead groups in more demanding situations.

This award is intended for paddlers who journey on the sea in areas where tidal races, headlands, open crossings, ocean swell, and challenging coastlines may be encountered. The award should be accessible to all those who paddle kayaks on the sea regularly and should not be viewed as the preserve of a few elite performers. It is envisioned that the average paddler by kayaking regularly, practicing skills and other disciplines relating to kayak seamanship, should be able to obtain this award within three years of starting to paddle regularly on the sea.

Lamar's successful 5-Star assessment qualifies him as a BCU 4-Star Coach demonstrating qualification and competence to be in charge of adequately skilled kayaking groups on advanced bodies of water.

Lamar Hudgens is the owner and head instructor and guide at Barrier Island Kayaks located at Swansboro, NC.