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 by P&H Sea Kayaks   (Composite)

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P&H Sea Kayaks Capella Composite

Length Overall: 16' 9" & 17' 3"
Beam: 22" & 23"
Dry Weight: 51.7lbs glass/47lbs Kevlar carbon hull

The Capella was designed for those paddlers requiring a reasonably fast kayak yet also requiring excellent stability. The Capella's 22" beam accentuates both these traits.

It is ideally suited to all-round sea kayaking or sorties across bays yet retains enough manoeuvrability for relaxed coastal exploring. This kayak is ideal for taking advantage of the many different experiences that sea kayaking has to offer.

The Capella's excellent stability ensures that is the favoured choice for many paddlers.

Also available the new 17' 3" Capella, offering Capella performance to an even wider range of paddlers.

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 by P&H Sea Kayaks  (Polyethylene)

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P&H Sea Kayaks Capella Polyethylene

Length Overall: 16' 8"
Beam: 22"
Depth: 14"
Dry Weight: 54 lbs

After 6 years of excellent service, P&H have finally retired what was still widely accepted as one of best polyethylene sea kayaks in the world, the Capella is dead, long live the Capella.

Now they have made a new version of this iconic kayak.

The new hull has only received a few very minor changes, working to the adage "if it isn't broke donít fix it!" What little changes P&H have made should ensure it appeals to an even wider audience. Slightly more initial stability and improved tracking being the only aims. Where P&H have spent a lot of time is in the outfitting. Three watertight compartments instead of two, give more options when loading your kayak and a completely new seat and internal outfitting will ensure the comfort and fit of the kayak is much improved.

The original polyethylene Capella changed people's perceptions of what a plastic sea kayak could offer and narrowed the performance gap between polyethylene and composite ranges. The new Capella makes what difference was left all but disappear.

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