Barrier Island Kayaks Weather Policy

Safety is everyone's concern.

We take every possible precaution to provide a safe recreational venue for our guests, and where it is not possible for us to ensure safety, we seek to minimize risk to acceptable levels. Each guest must in turn be ultimately responsible for their own disposition at any given time when participating in any event or activity at Barrier Island Kayaks.

We will cancel a trip if we need to.

Barrier Island Kayaks reserves the right to cancel trips due to weather conditions. These conditions include but are not limited to lightning, strong winds, and above moderate sea state.

You don't have to go even if everyone else does.

No one should feel compelled to paddle in any circumstance because they have signed up or paid for a tour or class. If you arrive and think for any reason that the conditions are beyond your capability, talk to us. We'll work something out.

Don't like the weather? Just wait a minute.

The North Carolina coast is well known for late afternoon thunderstorms and squalls, particularly during the spring and summer. These conditions are generally short lived and may simply require a slight delay in the schedule, not always a cancellation.

If you're not sure, call.

Weather forecast look bad for a trip you have planned with us? Please call to see if we are going out or not. We may not always be able to post the latest turn of events on our site.

About our Weather Page:

We have pulled together some weather resources in one place for your convenience. All weather products are the property of thier respective owners and subject to any disclaimers imposed by their publisher. We are simply showing you in one place weather products available on other sites. None of these products are showing the weather in "real time" so please don't make critical decisions based on the information shown here.

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